GoPro Advanced Fraud Investigation and Prevention is a case management solution that delivers targeted support for fighting corruption. It provides one central system for organizing documents, managing evidence, sharing information, and collaborating with team members. GoPro AFIP also serves to prevent and identify fraudulent activity. This innovative software is ideal for financial institutions, governmental departments, legal teams, law enforcement personnel, and all other organizations with the need to combat fraud.

Prevent User Errors and Fraudulent Activity

GoPro AFIP helps organizations to avoid costly mistakes
by setting standard investigation procedures and
work processes.

Mandatory tasks ensure that caseworkers cannot take shortcuts or ignore protocol. Required case actions can be mapped out by administrators, and will prevent a case from advancing until all requirements are met. User permissions can easily be customized in order to comply with security procedures. Email reminders and deadline alerts help users
to complete tasks on time.

Automatic user activity logs establish operational transparency, which helps to deter fraudulent activity
before it starts. All records created by GoPro AFIP are
fully auditable and can be used as legal evidence.

Effectively Manage Case Files

Every case within GoPro AFIP provides relevant metadata, making it easy to compile detailed reports based on individuals, dates, locations, and more.

Drag-and-drop file management eliminates the need for complicated importation processes.

GoPro AFIP supports all commonly used file formats, meaning that you can manage all text documents, images, videos, email messages, and other digital evidence from one location. Contact details and other client information can be stored in context with all relevant case documents.

Cases can also be shared with other GoPro AFIP users, eliminating the need to send multiple copies of a document between collaborators. Users can specify cases that should remain private, in order to protect client confidentiality or sensitive material.

Protect Your Informants

When working with whistleblowers or at-risk informants, nothing is more important than protecting their safety.
’s self-service portal gives informants the option to submit information anonymously, without being tracked
by the main system


Once a case is created through the portal, GoPro AFIP sends email notifications to all responsible caseworkers. Informants can also use the self-service portal to communicate privately with designated personnel.

Depending on security procedures, self-service users can be allowed to monitor the progress of their respective cases. The self-service portal also supports identified login information, making it a useful way to work with external consultants, shareholders, or public citizens.

By providing a convenient means of gathering information and evidence from outside your organization, the self-service portal is a powerful tool for building a case.

Enhance Workflow Procedures

GoPro AFIP was designed with the average business user
in mind. This is an out-of-the-box solution, easy to configure and operate.


User-friendly features such as integration with in-house systems and an intuitive user interface allow caseworkers to adopt GoPro AFIP without disrupting their daily routines.

GoPro AFIP seamlessly integrates with popular productivity software, such as Microsoft Outlook, Word, and SharePoint, giving you the ability to work with case files from within the programs you already use. Optional mobile access for tablets and smartphones lets users securely access case materials on-the-go.

By freeing organizations of their administrative burden, GoPro AFIP can drastically improve overall efficiency.

To learn more about GoPro AFIP, please watch our brief introductory video, or contact us to request more information.


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