Explore High-Level Features

End-to-end case management

GoPro AFIP’s intuitive user interface provides a clear, at-a-glance look
at all cases. Selecting a case and expanding its contents instantly displays all documents, contacts, correspondence, and other data stored in context.

GoPro AFIP manages a case throughout its entire lifecycle,
from start to finish.



Agile process management 

Case types and phases provide structured workflow, complete with contextual guidance and links to up-to-date reference manuals.

Workflow is easy to configure both in advance or ad-hoc. Mandatory steps, automatic review cycles and conditional triggers allow for dynamic workflow design that walks employees through required procedures and confirms that all steps are completed.


Access Control

Each document has a detailed user history log, which is automatically recorded whenever edits are made. This log is visible to administrators
and responsible users, thus establishing transparency for all user actions. A built-in
record keeping system not only improves collaboration between team members, but
also deters evidence tampering.



Usability and integration

Integration with everyday productivity tools, such as Microsoft Outlook, makes it easy for users to incorporate GoPro AFIP into their existing routine. Users can drag and drop email messages straight from their inbox into the GoPro AFIP sidebar. Documents and email can also be created directly from GoPro AFIP using standard templates that automatically import relevant information. This gives users the freedom to spend less time filing and more time focusing on their work.




Reporting and statistics

Extensive reporting capabilities allow management to gain instant overview of company status. GoPro AFIP can provide charts and reports based on any statistical data present in the system, such as case load by department, case type or employee. This allows managers to make better informed decisions based on real-time information.






GoPro AFIP offers optional integration with Android and iOS tablet computers and smartphones. This gives you the freedom to access
GoPro AFIP through the everyday mobile devices that you already use. Whether you´re working from the office or on-the-go, your case documents are always right at your fingertips.

Particularly useful for investigation in the field.


Web portal

The GoPro AFIP anonymous web portal allows whistleblowers to safely submit information. Anonymous tips can then trigger automatic case creation in
GoPro AFIP, complete with workflow and responsibility structure.