Your Efficiency
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Your Efficiency
Our Mission

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GoPro is an advanced case, document, and process management solution.  GoPro keeps track of documents, projects, contact relationships, meetings, contracts and other business information, in one secure location.



GoPro Advanced Case Management offers a complete and configurable case management platform for case, process, content, and performance management.

GoPro is supported by a 20-year pedigree of delivering case management solution success.


GoPro Advanced Case Management delivers a unique focus on usability. New or infrequent users can familiarise themselves quickly and begin working immediately. Experienced users appreciate the dynamic user interface, which allows them to work fast and efficiently, while remaining in compliance with fast changing legislative requirements, policies, and procedures. Relevant information and context-aware guidance and actions are pushed to the user, so that everything they need is at their fingertips.


GoPro Advanced Case Management offers highly configurable process management.

Process management allows configuration of structured processes and a high degree of rule based automation as well as powerful ad hoc process support.