GoPro for your Industry

Through close collaboration with hundreds of customers, GoPro has built a range of solutions that address prevalent challenges within different industries.

We have over 20 years of experience in delivering high quality, industry-specific applications that fulfill real information management needs.
Our products are used within local and government administrations, legal organizations, financial industries, and more.

  • Going green

    Eliminate paper based processes and run GoPro in an environmentally friendly Green Cloud

  • Connect

    Provide a complete real-time overview of case status on an online portal for external stakeholders and citizens

  • Get perspective

    Enhance operational insight with real-time overview of cases, meticulous audit trails, and powerful reporting capabilities

Public Sector

Central Government

Government organizations face the multi-pronged challenge of improving the efficiency, productivity and quality of their services despite significant budget pressures. Few industries need to comply with the same level of international and national standards and regulations.

Citizens and businesses are at the centre of their work. In our experience, government clients focus on good information management, information assurance and citizen dialogue with 24/7 access to online service, to ensure modern, transparent and efficient public administration.

This has resulted in the development of GoPro, a unique solution for case, process and document management, which offers powerful collaboration features and meets the strictest national requirements for archiving and record keeping.

Local Government

Municipalities must meet citizens expectations for excellent service and ease of access, while also meeting internal demands for efficiency, quality, and reliable information. Meeting these demands requires software applications that underpin actual work processes and real documentation needs, as well as maintaining private and secure frameworks.

The GoPro solution enables governments to provide 24/7 customer service with standard integration to GoPro. This back-end system provides citizens with secure communication using digital signatures.

Financial Services

GoPro has worked closely with a number of large banks and insurance companies for many years. This has resulted in a streamlined solution that fits the needs of those finance and insurance companies operating in a fast expanding and complex international market.

Customers around the world have chosen GoPro as their integrated document and business process management solution. With GoPro, they can improve overview and management of their business processes and administration, while keeping correspondence and documentation firmly under control.

Whether for implementing quality standards, managing compliance, improving service, or combating fraud, GoPro is a powerful solution for maintaining standard work processes and ensuring that vital information is available to the right people at the right time.

  • Overview

    Clear, real-time overview and robust reporting capabilities ensure that management decisions are based on the most current information

  • Prevent fraud

    Successfully manage risk and lessons learned, and minimize error with context-based guidance, predefined work processes, and secure access controls

  • Easy to use

    Complete document and correspondence management integrated with your software environment – work within your inbox

  • Secure communication

    GoPro Effectively monitors all internal and external communications and documents.

  • Monitoring all documents

    Built-in monitoring of documents. Unified categorization and joint processes. Overview of all contracts, customer service and regulatory compliance within GoPro.

  • Effective workflow

    Integrated case procedures and workflow, easy to manage departmental policies. Self-Service portal for secure external communication.

Law Enforcement and Justice

Law enforcement and judicial agencies have selected GoPro to satisfy their requirements for an integrated case and document management system.

One of GoPro’s advantages is that it can be used to monitor service, compliance, and performance in connection with the FoIA. It provides contact tracking and workflow devices for managing requests, search tools that filter through existing electronic data, and direct interaction with Electronic Documents and Records Management (EDRM) systems. These features make the system highly efficient, as well as easy to use.