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Discover a range of courses tailored for beginners, advanced users, and system administrators within the GoPro Foris system. Our courses are designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers and are delivered through distance learning via Teams or onsite at your office location, whichever suits you best.

Course for Super Users / System Managers

GoPro Admin

2 hours

Learn system administration essentials in GoPro Foris: user registration, access controls, templates creation, list management, journal keys, and basic settings.

New Administration Console

60 minutes

Master admin control: configure settings, manage lists, and optimize user management. Create custom templates, and use tags for organisation.

Procedures, Phases, and Checklists

60 minutes

Learn how to manage procedures, phases, and checklists efficiently in your workflow. Break down cases into tasks, assign responsibilities, integrate checklists, and link actions to specific phases for streamlined operations.

For General Users

GoPro Basic Course

1-2 hours

Explore system basics: create companies, contacts, cases, documents, and communications. Efficiently manage the Outlook Add-in with drag-and-drop functionality.

Integration with Teams

30 minutes

Efficiently set up and configure contract templates. Create, record, and monitor contracts and tasks. Manage deadlines, calendar registrations, and notifications effectively.

Contract Management

30 minutes

Discover efficient contract template setup, standard contract creation, and monitoring tasks. Explore viewing deadlines, calendar registrations, and receive notifications for effective contract management.

Search, Filter Data, and Report

30 minutes

Discover search options in GoPro Foris: general and advanced searches. Learn to filter columns, insert search criteria, select relevant data, and export to Excel for reporting.

GoPro Foris Add-in for Outlook

30 minutes

Discover key features of GoPro Add-In for Outlook: drag and drop files, archive emails, and create cases and customers seamlessly.

Handover Solution – to the National Archive

60 minutes

Discover key considerations for records managers when submitting electronic archives and preparing a handover version for the National Archives.