GoPro´s Data Protection Policy

In a business such as GoPro´s, it is inevitable that companies need to collect various forms of information and data. These data may involve natural persons, which can, in some instances, be identifiable, or the data capable of being traced to them. It is GoPro´s policy to collect only such data as is necessary for its operations, in accordance with law and in a transparent manner and with respect for the rights of data subjects. When appropriate, GoPro will require consent for the processing of data. GoPro is intently focused on data protection and the purpose of this Data Protection Policy is to facilitate that personal data of employees, customers, and other stakeholders is treated with respect and held in confidence. The Policy is intended to clarify; i) which data GoPro collects, ii) for which purposes, iii) how the data are used, iv) which measures GoPro has takes to promote the security and protection of data, and v) which rights the data subjects enjoy. It is the core-aim of the Policy that processing of personal data for which GoPro is the controller, is carried out in light of the principles of lawfulness, fairness, transparency, purpose limitation, data minimisation, accuracy, integrity and confidentiality.

GoPro´s Data Protection Policy can be viewed here