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GoPro Foris Contract Management

Contract management and overview of contract lifecycle is crucial for every business. The GoPro Foris Contract Management solution gives a complete overview and control over contracts. The workflow for contracts is completed in GoPro Foris, when the signing is finished, the contracts are monitored during their lifetime. When the number of contracts increases, it becomes difficult to keep track of all the dates, actions, and decisions associated with each contract. The GoPro Foris Contract Solution is designed to solve this problem, sharpen the insight, and improve monitoring.

GoPro Foris Contract Solution manages contracts, the classification and storing them in a central system with the access control needed. The Contract Solution is designed to handle the financial obligations related to each contact.

Benefits of the GoPro Foris contract solution:
• Coordinated management of contracts, total overview of conclusions and follow-up
• Registration of guarantees, suppliers and signatories
• User friendly registration of standard contracts based on MS Office stylesheets
• Access controls that support different user access permissions

By registering financial responsibilities, amounts, stakeholders, and termination provisions users will have an end-to-end overview of all contracts in GoPro Foris. The contract solution provides effective management of interactions during the whole process of the contract during the contract period. Now there is also possible to add digital signatures to the contract that come in handy in the times of COVID.

Effective contract management results in improved operations and positive relationships with customers and partners. The contract Solution is easy to add to GoPro Foris case- and document management solution.

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