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GoPro Foris a Complete Solution for Municipalities

Our Municipality package, GoPro Foris provides complete solutions for municipalities. We offer integration with Ísland.is an automated process for receiving and sending documents from the system. Our ISO27001-certified solution ensures a secure environment, backup services, and hosting. Plus, our design emphasises user-friendliness.

The Case- and Document System GoPro Foris

GoPro Foris the Case- and Document System is a comprehensive solution for municipalities used by Reykjavik City, Reykjanesbær and Seltjarnarnes. These municipalities share a common focus on efficiency in case processing, where integration with O365 is crucial. Additionally, automated application reception and registration, integration with the National Registry for building permit handling, and regular and detailed meeting management are part of the municipalities’ needs. GoPro foris meets these robust integrations with the Office suite, document management and communication become simple and convenient.

The Municipal Solution GoPro Foris

Here’s an overview of the solutions that most municipalities need to help provide residents with digital services and simplify service processes:

  • The GoPro Foris Case and document system is integrated with Ísland. is. It handles both automated registration and reception of applications, as well as document sharing in mailboxes on Ísland.is
  • Our building delegate solution is integrated with the Housing and Construction Authority’s system for managing and registering building permits and other building-related activities.
  • My pages are for residents of the municipality where application and communications take place. These pages can be integrated with financial systems and other systems for information retrieval.
  • The GoPro Foris Meeting System is used for all meeting management and is connected to the case- and document system. It allows the creation of agenda items in the case system and scheduling them for meetings. The meeting report can also be directly uploaded to the website of the relevant municipality.
  • User interface for Record Managers for Digital Documents to the National Archives of Iceland. This interface offers an easier overview of a 5-year document retention period for the National Archives of Iceland or the Local Government Archives.
  • GoPro Foris System is built entirely on Microsoft Office templates and is highly integrated with O365. Notable it works well with Microsoft Teams and OneDrive.
  • With GoPro Foris, an Outlook Add-in accompanies the system, allowing users to directly file emails related to cases through Outlook.
  • Digital signatures for documents are directly managed within the system using third-party signing services (such as Dokobit or Taktikal).
  • Signet Transfer enables document sharing, particularly useful for welfare and child protection.

In addition, we also offer Contract Management System and Quality Management System, which are easy to integrate and share the same interface as the case and document management system.

A dashboard for visual representation of cases

We offer a dashboard with a visual representation of key performance indicators (KPIs) for monitoring case status. This makes it easier to get an overview and extract information from GoPro Foris. Popular dashboards we’ve set up allow tracking cases and their status. You can see which staff members are handling cases and projects, and identify if anyone has an excessive workload. Additionally, you can set time limits for cases and projects to gather even better data from the system. This helps distribute the workload within the local government and ensures the timely handling of cases.

Want to know more?

Please feel free to get in touch for more information. Let’s discuss the requirements for your case- and document system for you and your municipality. You can click here to fill out a form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.