Microsoft Teams and GoPro Foris

Companies and organizations are increasingly using Microsoft Teams for collaboration on projects and documents, both for internal and external projects and documents. It is important that the documents and decisions made in these Teams channels are documented in accordance with the rules of the National Archive for electronic record keeping in Organizations.

To address that a solution where it’s easy to connect Teams channels directly to Cases in GoPro Foris, which makes it easy for users to save documents and chats directly under Cases in GoPro Foris in an efficient way. The solution is based on an additional Add-In that is installed in Teams and connects Teams channel and GoPro Foris.

Record managers have had some concerns about this development of Teams usage in Organizations, as the documents need to be filed in the Case system, instead of ending up in various Teams areas.

The Teams integration in GoPro Foris is a convenient Add-In that solves this need and supports the National Archives requirements to Organizations.