GoPro Meeting Solution

Better meeting management with the GoPro Foris Meeting solution

GoPro Foris meeting solution is a cloud-based meeting management system for boards and leadership teams. All information about meetings is stored in one secure place. The solution is easy to use, and manage meetings from preparation to final documentation, in a simple and secure way for both internal and external meetings.

Meeting minutes and agenda are from standard MS Office templates, and it is possible to drag and drop meeting items and documents to the meeting agenda. The meeting solution is integrated with MS office calendar for scheduling and invitation of meeting members.

Integration with GoPro Foris case and document solution gives a smooth transfer of documents and attachments to the meeting solution. Using the leverage of these two solutions makes it possible to manage meetings in digital and secure way. Making regular meetings easy to manage and quick to prepare.

Benefits of the GoPro Foris Meeting solution

  • Minutes, dates and material is easy to access
  • Overview of meetings and meeting documents
  • Automation of standard agenda and documents
  • Meeting portal where you can see upcoming and past meetings
  • External parties can get secure access through the meeting portal.

You can find more information about the GoPro Foris Meeting solution here.