GoPro Foris – a new case management experience

GoPro Foris, brings a new and exciting user experience for the advanced case management solution from GoPro. GoPro brings case management into the cloud with focus on a great user experience, streamlined workflow, and information security.

The perfect fit

Every user is unique, so our design emphasizes flexibility. Fresh, adjustable design allows users to fit their inteface to their work. The dynamic UI is built for the latest technologies, giving users unprecedented flexibility in how their data is displayed. GoPro Foris is accessible with major browsers.

Work smarter

Add Workflow design to GoPro to streamline work. The GoPro workflow features allow standard processes to be designed and deployed, automatically or ad-hoc. Workflow features bring process steps, reviews, standard document creation, and more, into a visual context that is easy to work with. Users are directed to the right information and actions according to what they are working on.

Work together

In today’s market, citizens, suppliers, and clients, expect to access services online. GoPro extends internal workflow to the cloud, enabling seamless communication with external stakeholders. GoPro makes it easier to work together, with powerful sharing and collaboration features.

Information security

Information security and privacy protections must be at the forefront in the digital age. GoPro meets stringent security criteria and continuously monitors that standards are met. Operations, hosting, and all GoPro development, are certified according to leading industry standards.